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  1. Solid wood hanging rail for secure fastening to wall.

  2. Solid wood corner blocks in base cabinets add strength and stability.

  3. 5/8" hardwood dovetail drawer box standard (3/4" hardwood dovetail drawer box available).

  4. Guides are Blum TANDEM edge 7/8" extension with integrated BLUMOTION soft closing mechanism standard (optional Blum Tandem full extension guides with integrated BLUMOTION soft closing mechanism).

  5. Solid wood door (except painted, Metropolitan, and Thermofoil doors).

  6. Durable and easy-to-clean interior.

  7. 3/4" plywood adjustable shelving with solid metal shelf clips.

  8. 1 1/2" wide solid wood frames.

  9. 3/8" plywood top (on wall cabinets) and bottom.

  10. Catalyzed conversion varnish topcoat that is smooth, very durable and resistant to most household chemicals.

  11. 1/2" plywood sides with finished ends that feature matching hardwood veneer on 1/4" substrate panel for a great look and outstanding quality.

  12. Blum COMPACT BLUMOTION 6-way adjustable hinges with integrated soft closing mechanism available on most hinges. (excludes knife, demountable and 3/8" inset hinges).

Framed Base 18 Edge.jpg

Wood Varieties



Alder Caramel
Alder Caviar
Alder Bistre
Alder Aqua
Alder Cola
Alder Cotton
Alder Espresso
Alder Natural
Alder Sierra
Alder Silas Black Glaze
Alder Umber
Alder Walnut
American Poplar Cadet
Alder Weathered Barnwood
American Poplar Harbor
American Poplar Hudson
American Poplar Moss
American Poplar Sky
American Poplar Sterling
Aqua Rustic Alder
Cherry Bourbon
Cherry Carob
Cherry Coffee
Cherry Espresso
Cherry Medium
Cherry Natural
Cherry Red
Cherry Weathered Rosewood
Cherry Weathered Tobacco
Hickory Burnt Sugar
Hickory Aqua
Hickory Cotton
Hickory Cadet
Hickory Chestnut
Hickory Harbor
Hickory Medium
Hickory Hudson
Hickory Moss
Hickory Natural
Hickory Silas Black Glaze
Hickory Red Barn
Hickory Sky
Hickory Sterling
Maple Acorn Black Glaze
Maple Cayenne
Maple Cashmere
Maple Cocoa
Maple Espresso
Maple Golden
Maple Merlot
Maple Natural
Maple Sable
Maple Sea Green
Maple Silas Black Glaze
Maple Spice
Maple Weathered Gunstock
Maple Weathered Oatmeal
Maple Weathered Roasted Pepper
Quarter Sawn White Oak Aqua
Quarter Sawn White Oak Almond
Quarter Sawn White Oak Autumn
Quarter Sawn White Oak Cadet
Quarter Sawn White Oak Cotton
Quarter Sawn White Oak Clay
Quarter Sawn White Oak Braun
Quarter Sawn White Oak Creekside
Quarter Sawn White Oak Dusk
Quarter Sawn White Oak Espresso
Quarter Sawn White Oak Flagstone
Quarter Sawn White Oak Harbor
Quarter Sawn White Oak Hudson
Quarter Sawn White Oak Medium
Quarter Sawn White Oak Mineral
Quarter Sawn White Oak Morel
Quarter Sawn White Oak Moss
Quarter Sawn White Oak Natural
Quarter Sawn White Oak Sky
Quarter Sawn White Oak Silas Graphite Highlight
Quarter Sawn White Oak Sterling
Quarter Sawn White Oak Red Barn
Quarter Sawn White Oak Stratus
Quarter Sawn White Oak Straw
Red Oak Aqua
Red Oak Autumn
Red Oak Braun
Red Oak Clay
Red Oak Creekside
Red Oak Espresso
Red Oak Dusk
Red Oak Flagstone
Red Oak Cadet
Red Oak Harbor
Red Oak Harvest
Red Oak Hudson
Red Oak Morel
Red Oak Mineral
Red Oak Medium
Red Oak Moss
Red Oak Natural
Red Oak Silas Black Glaze
Red Oak Sky
Red Oak Red Barn
Rift Cut White Oak Almond
Red Oak Sterling
Red Oak Weathered Wiley
Rift Cut White Oak Sky
Rift Cut White Oak Straw
Rustic Alder Caviar
Rustic Alder Cola
Rustic Alder Cotton
Rustic Alder Dusty Road
Rustic Alder Red Barn
Rustic Alder Stonehenge
Rustic Alder Weathered Barnwood
Rustic Alder White Sands